About Me

I had the fortune of having The Internet before most people that I knew had a computer. In 1998 my cousin was visiting from California and showed me how he was starting his starting his own video game website; For the month he was around I learned how to create HTML pages, hyperlink them together, and how to upload my own AOL.com homepage to show off my stuff. Splash pages with “click here to enter” links and under construction gifs (gifs, not jifs...) were now created by ME. It was amazing. When he left I continued to persue the hobby and picked up every book I could find about it at the library. I learned CSS, JavaScript, and a whole bunch of dynamic server side languages along the way. Now I am well versed in many back-end languages and front-end frameworks, as well as just about every database under the sun. I can work with what works best for you.

I have been creating websites for over 20 years. What once was a curiosity in my childhood has bloomed into a fun and fulfilling career. I have been with the web every step of the way. I‘d love to join you on your next journey into the web world. Let‘s get in touch.