Meta was a Boston based social media startup with the aim to unify the many social networks into a singular interface.



This startup was created by a couple friends I gained while working at Leaf. I was able to work on the back-end and front-end of the product, mainly focusing on integrating new social networks and working out some kinks in the back-end.

This was my first time using Node as anything other than a build tool, and I found it pretty interesting. I think being able to let front-end developers who are comfortable with Javascript work on the server side of things is a positive and welcome change for the web community. I was able to dive right in and understand how things worked immediately without knowing anything about Express or Node specifically.

The result was a polished web app where you can share your profile with your friends who can keep track of what you are up to across many social media networks, without having to sign up for each network on their own.


Meta used NodeJS/ExpressJS for their back-end & API on top of a Firebase database which is also used for authentication. The front-end used AngularJS and makes heavy use of Google's Material Design framework.