Optos Customer Portal

Optos plc is a Nikon owned company has the vision to be The retina company. They aim to be recognised as a leading provider of devices and solutions to eyecare professionals for improved patient care.

Optos Customer/Distributor Portal Screens


Optos required a multi-language site for all of their medical device customers to be able to retrieve product information, warranty information, as well as handouts and information for their device distributors to use while selling products to optometrists around the world.

The front-end is a fully custom Wordpress theme based on the Bones starter theme. It also uses the awesome Timber plugin/framework that is an enormous benefit when working on large Wordpress sites like this.

The back-end is an almost fully customized Wordpress instance. All of the login, registration and forgot password flows have been fully customized to support checking of existing customers in an external database, complex email rules, manual user activation, and more.

This was also my first time using multi-language in Wordpress. There are thousands of categories in the site, translated to tens of languages. I hit multiple limitations with the multi-language plugins and abilities that I tried, but in the end I was able to put together a website that is fully multi-language capable along with having different permissions for users per country for content.


Optos' Customer and Distributor Portal was built using Wordpress with a fully customized front-end and back-end. It integrates with external databases for custom login and registration flows. It also uses the Timber framework for Wordpress, and Grunt for compilation and minification.